Our Therapists

For help in deciding which therapist is right for you, call either:
Aaron J. Reinicke, Director and Licensed MFT at (619) 298-8722 x101 or
Ryan Landstedt, Office Administrator at (619) 298-8722 x110

They will briefly but sensitively explore your needs and then have a therapist phone you to schedule. Each counselor keeps their own appointment book. If you know the name of the therapist you wish to see, please phone their extension directly. Central Phone/Voicemail For All Offices (619) 298-8722.

Click on a therapist to learn more:

Aaron J. Reinicke
LMFT, Director x101

Dr. Melinda J. Reinicke,
Psychologist x102

Cory Anderson
LMFT x134

Jennilyn Chen
LMFT x105

Stephanie Dorsey
LMFT x107

Denise Ehret
LMFT x125

Curtis Eklund
MFT Intern x121

Adam Erlenbusch
LMFT x122

Terri Hightower
LMFT x106

Ryan Landstedt
MFT Intern x104

Andrew Last
LMFT x123

Dr. Ben Lim
LMFT x108

Dr. Soh-Leong Lim
LMFT x124

Treina Nash
LMFT x103

Christin Powers
LMFT x131

Madalene Stonier
LCSW x132

Scott Wood
LMFT x138