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Wilderness Inner Life Development (W.I.L.D.)

W.I.L.D. Outdoor Retreats
Few times in life are we gifted with the challenge of pushing ourselves to our limit. It’s when we reach our limit that we truly discover who we are. Here at Wilderness Inner Life Development (WILD), we provide men, women and families the opportunity to stretch themselves through wilderness exploration. Through the guidance and curriculum created by Aaron Reinicke, participants are challenged physically, spiritually and emotionally to new heights as they venture through awe inspiring landscapes across the United States. These explorations not only benefit those who participate, but the proceeds of the trip are applied towards humanitarian projects throughout the world. WILD is currently partnering with a specialized organization to provide clean water to a 3rd world village that has none.

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5 Peak Challenge 

One Day Grand Canyon Hike – February 24-25, 2017

We are planning W.I.L.D. trips for women and couples in the future. If you are interested, email us at: mail@rcacounseling.com

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5 Peak Challenge 

One Day Grand Canyon Hike – February 24-25, 2017

We are planning W.I.L.D. trips for women and couples in the future. If you are interested, email us at: mail@rcacounseling.com

What is the W.I.L.D. curriculum? How will the teaching happen on a wilderness trip? The teaching will be integrated into the whole trip. Typically, Aaron will teach for twenty minutes in the morning after breakfast and leave the group with a reflection question or two to ponder and perhaps discuss during the hike that day. In the evening during and after dinner we will have a group discussion about those same topics and how they intersect our lives.

To whet your appetite, a general outline of the teaching….

Wake up to who you really are

 Initiate a new path

 Longings from your true identity

 Determine to stay the course

…let us throw off everything that hinders…(and) run with perseverance the course marked out for us – Hebrews 12:1

Net proceeds from the trip will be applied towards three LifeSpring Center initiatives:

    • Water and humanitarian projects in the developing world.
    • Partial scholarships for local individuals and families going through a crisis who otherwise could not afford counseling.
    • Counseling missionaries who are reaching out internationally and are unable to access the counseling resources they need.

You can participate by making a donation at any time. You may do so by clicking on the link below:


We recently finished our first well in Ethiopia!  To learn more, click here.


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Gear Available: Lightly used tents, backpacks and other equipment for purchase only


Aaron J. Reinicke

Email: areinicke.rca@gmail.com

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About Aaron J. Reinicke
Aaron J. Reinicke has been the co-owner and director of Reinicke Counseling Associates for 25 years, a private practice with a staff of 18 therapists and three office locations in San Diego County.  He is also president of LifeSpring Center, a non-profit providing affordable, professional Christian counseling for pastors and others in San Diego County and for the international missionary community.  LifeSpring is also beginning other humanitarian involvement such as drilling wells to provide clean, fresh water in villages around the world where none is available.

Aaron grew up enjoying adventures in the wilderness.  In his twenties and thirties, he routinely enjoyed wilderness trips including trips to Yosemite, Sequoia, Zion and the Grand Canyon.  Starting in his thirties and continuing until today, he regularly enjoys his family and friends while on such expeditions.

W.I.L.D. allows Aaron to fuse two of his greatest passions, adventuring into the wilderness and assisting others to venture into the inner world of their own souls.  All of this is done in a fun, upbeat, challenging way.  Aaron has learned many of his life lessons in the classroom of the wild.  You can too.  Join us!