What is sexual addiction?

Through a study conducted in 2012, Dr. Patrick Carnes estimated that 3-6% of the population deals with sexual addiction.  It can often be difficult to assess if you have an addiction or not.  The PATHOS questionnaire* is a quick screening to find out if you may be addicted to sex.

P-  Preoccupied:  Are you often preoccupied with sexual thoughts?
A-  Ashamed:  Do you hide some of your sexual behavior from others?
T-  Treatment:  Have you ever sought therapy for sexual behavior you didn’t like?
H-  Hurt:  Have you hurt someone emotionally because of your sexual behavior?
O-  Out of control:  Do you ever feel controlled by your sexual desires?
S-   Sad:  When you have sex do you feel depression or despair afterwards?


If you answered “yes” for two or more of these criteria you may have a sexual addiction and need to seek further assessment from a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist. Reinicke Counseling therapists are experienced, certified and compassionate.  We can help you overcome sexually addictive behaviors.

A positive response to only one of these questions still indicates concerns even if you are not a sexual addict. If you feel that your sexual behavior is causing you problems or may get you into trouble with the law, please call RCA Counseling for help.

Knowing you are a sex addict doesn’t mean that you are bad, perverted or hopeless. It means you may have a disease, an obsession from which many have healed.Patrick J. Carnes, PhD, CAS ~ Author of Out of the Shadows

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* Carnes PJ, Green BA, Merlo LJ, Polles A, Carnes S, Gold MS, March 6, 2012 (1):29-34. PATHOS: a brief screening application for assessing sexual addiction. doi: 10.1097/ADM.0b013e3182251a28.).