How Our Christian Values Benefit You In Counseling

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For over 20 years RCA Counseling has been helping people overcome problems and meet the challenges life brings. Our professional therapists have degrees in psychology, marriage & family therapy, and social work. Many also have degrees from seminaries and experience in Christian ministry. We embrace the truth of Christianity and the best in psychology to care for the souls of people. God is included in the counseling process.

Pastors and priests from churches all over San Diego refer clients to us because they trust our integrity as believers and our skills as professional therapists. Clients who are not part of any faith community are also welcome and regularly seek help here because they appreciate that our Judeo-Christian values respect them as individuals.

How do our Christian values effect our counseling?
Revitalizing marriages is a higher priority than accepting divorce.
Parents are empowered to nurture and guide their children. The unborn are also clients.
No matter what mistakes you’ve made, God can lovingly reshape your life.
Drugs are not recreational. Alcohol abuse cripples families, but recovery is possible.
Pornography never enhances a marriage; it ruins lives.
God created sex to be a beautiful expression of love between a husband and wife.
Depression and anxiety do not mean that you are a spiritual failure.
Pastors and their families have unique stressors that we understand.
Missionaries will find counselors here who have served overseas and can come alongside them.
We want to give you practical skills for your life so that we can work ourselves out of a job with you.

We recognize that long before there were professional counselors God was ministering to and healing his people.