Challenge Yourself, Change the World!

Last year, LifeSpring Center raised over $5,000 and, with the help of some key partners, completed the construction of our first well in Ethiopia!  Thanks to you, a well is now providing clean and sustainable water for the 950 students at Wamura Seko Primary School as well as the nearby village in the Oromia District of Ethiopia.  Below is a statement we received from one of the school masters, Berhanu Gutema, regarding the well we supported:

The village community and the school community used to drink river water sharing with cattle and wild animals. The school community mostly boiled this water before using it but the local community used it directly without treatment and consequentially they were suffering from water borne diseases and students were also became absent from school because of sickness and in search of water to the family. We hope the construction of this new well just near the school compound resolves the problem related with lack of potable water. Thank you for the golden service your organization has providing to the community”


Our goal is build another well in the developing world.  If you are interested in helping us create clean water wells in these remote areas, you may donate to LifeSpring by clicking on the “Donate” button below or by signing up to participate in one of our WILD fundraising events.  You can learn more about our WILD events by clicking here.

We appreciate you participating in our WILD water well fundraising events and your support in helping others around the world.  Thank you again for coming alongside us in our efforts to bring hope and health to the most isolated parts of the world.


Interested in seeing what our WILD events look like?  Click on the video below to see highlights from one of our WILD trips from 2016.