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Wilderness Inner Life Development… that is WILD

One can learn significant lessons about life, relationships and God in the classroom of the wild.  Away from cellphones (usually) and conveniences (mostly), manageable challenges are opportunities for personal growth and development of new perspective.

Out of our routine our souls are more open to consider questions like:

      • Can I truly savor the beauty before me?
      • Who am I? What brings me deepest fulfillment?
      • What do I want more than anything else?
      • How do I respond to adversity?
      • Do I have what it takes?
      • Can I reach out and trust someone for help when I need it?

These retreat experiences range from day trips to several day treks into the wilderness.  For info about upcoming trips, click here.

      Substance abuse, pornography, gambling, overspending, and internet gaming can take over your life. You can’t stop even though it’s hurting your relationships, your work and your health.  You need the help of a therapist who understands addiction.  We’ll focus on developing practical skills for you to overcome addiction and continue into long-term sobriety. We’ll also look at underlying issues beneath the addiction so you can experience God’s healing.


          Food becomes your enemy with an eating disorder. Many Christians struggle with anorexia or bulimia in secret shame. Let us help you see yourself as God sees you: beloved and beautiful.
          Changes in nutrition can be an important part of recovering from depression and anxiety. The goal of mental health nutrition is to balance the foods you eat and supplements you take for optimal emotional health.
          A number of our therapists are adoptive parents themselves and understand stressors and concerns for people in various stages of adopting.  The decision to adopt involves many questions. One spouse is often more sure about moving forward than the other. The hesitant spouse may fear they might not bond with an adopted child. We can help you discuss your feelings together so that whatever your decision it will not be a wedge between you.

    Families who have adopted might need counseling to assist with the adjustments of the new children and with sibling relationships if there are both adopted and biological children. If an adopted child has experienced trauma in their past they might have fears about trusting and attaching to new parents. We have child therapy specialists to help with this.

    We have also counseled pregnant women who were deciding whether to raise an unexpected child or place the baby for adoption. Our goal is for the birth mother to come to a decision that is right for her, process her emotions and help her find resources to move forward in whatever she decides.

          Receive valuable feedback on achieving goals in your career, personal growth, and relationships.  Decisions about dating, academic time management, career choices and self care can all benefit from the wise counsel in personal coaching. How can you experience God’s best for your life?

    We do not have expertise with testifying in lawsuits, workers comp, disability evaluations or custody evaluations. If you need these services, please click here for a referral to Forensic Specialists.



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    children & difficult teens

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    Pastors & Missionaries
    Sexual addiction recovery

           including freedom from pornography



    Expedition 3-day or 2-Week Sexual Addiction Intensives
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