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If your marriage is in crisis please call us for an appointment. Our Christian marriage therapists also offer pre-marital counseling and lively marital seminars for couples who want to keep their marriages vibrant. If you have a child with problems or a difficult teen please call us. We have therapists who specialize in therapy with children and teens to help your family heal. Sometimes families are broadsided by events that leave them reeling:  miscarriage or infertility, special needs children, unfaithfulness in marriage, recovery from divorce, step-parent conflicts, step-siblings who hate each other, bullying at school, addictions that chaotically disrupt your home, the stress of care-taking elderly parents, trauma from crime, accidents, death or frightening health concerns. How do you make it through these events and also help your children with their emotions? Christian counseling by our professional therapists will give you practical strategies.

Pre-marital Counseling
Whether this is a first marriage or a second marriage we want to help you start out on the right foot and avoid pitfalls on the road ahead. Love for a lifetime is not an impossibility with God’s blueprints for relationships. A few of the issues we cover in pre-marital counseling are healthy communication, conflict resolution, financial considerations, sex as God meant it to be, expectations in marriage and understanding your unique personalities. Take a look at a Premarital Inventory many of our therapists use. Engaged couples find that premarital counseling deepens their relationship and it’s fun also!

Some of our therapists offer the PREPARE/ ENRICH program for premarital counseling [Adam Erlenbusch, Scott Wood, Curtis Ecklund, Dr. Ben Lim and Dr. Soh-Leong Lim].  You and your partner complete an online relationship survey which includes personality assessment. You then meet with your counselor for sessions to help you understand the test results and strengthen communication skills.

Marriage Counseling
How did your love turn into something so painful? We use the research of Dr. John Gottman who found key elements to focus on in healing relationships. Many of our professional Christian counselors also utilize the techniques of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) as well as Solution Focused Therapy. The goals of our Christian marriage counseling are for you to honestly talk through the wounds in your marriage and learn to nurture each other deeply. Even with the devastation of unfaithfulness we have seen marriages restored.

Sexual Problems
Sometimes couples encounter problems in their sexual love for each other.  Perhaps your marriage is emotionally close but sexually disappointing for both of you. Some problems could be no desire for intimacy, painful intercourse, pre-mature ejaculation, flashbacks from past sexual abuse, no orgasms or impotence. We can help diagnose blocks and explore practical solutions for enjoying physical intimacy again. As a couple you decide if you would be more comfortable with a female or male therapist.

Family Counseling
If your home feels like an emotional battleground then call us. Our Christian counselors have specialized training in working with troubled children and difficult teens. We also help blended families navigate through the confusing dynamics of divorce, remarriage and step-parenting.

Divorce Recovery
Our goal is to help marriages heal, but if a couple divorces the goal shifts to helping them focus on co-parenting without hostility so that emotional damage to their children is decreased.  Read more here about Helping Your Children with Divorce. We do not do custody evaluations, but have a referral list here for specialists in that area.

Child Therapy
Our child therapists are skilled in helping children recover from the trauma of bullying, physical or sexual abuse, grief and loss. Children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) will also find help at Reinicke Counseling Associates. Through play therapy and art, children process feelings, practice social skills, and learn behavioral modification skills.

Parenting Skills
Parenting is the hardest job in the world that no one gets paid for! You don’t have to feel defeated. We will coach you on parenting skills for the unique needs of your child.

Teen Therapy
Reinicke Counseling Associates has some very cool therapists who know how to connect with teenagers. Our goal is to help you connect with them also. Call us if your teen angrily resents you, is depressed or cutting, has problems with an eating disorder, drugs, alcohol, porn or addictive internet gaming.  Parents of struggling teens are often exhausted. With God’s help we can guide you through the rough times so you can launch your teen into healthy adulthood.

Our Christian therapists are available to speak at your church or business on many of the topics above. Our goal is to give you practical information you can take and use. We also do half-day marriage seminars or weekend marriage retreats. See more here about scheduling a speaker. A few of our workshops are highlighted below.
Online Sexual Minefield Workshop Information –  A workshop for parents. Discover how to help you kids make the right choices online and ways to talk to them about healthy sexuality.
Hold Me Tight Marriage Seminar Information – Strengthen your marriage with practical teaching, interactive discussions and couple’s exercises in a safe and supportive setting.

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