Individual Counseling

Life is hard sometimes. Circumstances can pull people into depression. Others struggle with anxiety or disruptive anger. Some people turn to addictions or eating disorders. Using the best of psychology and the truth of Christianity we can help you with life’s challenges.

Depression for Christians
“Shouldn’t I be able to get over this depression if I just pray and read my Bible more?” As Christian counselors we often reassure depressed clients that they are not spiritual failures. Everything is colorless in depression and God can feel far away.  Grief over losses, especially of loved ones, can feel unbearable. Severe depression might even bring thoughts of suicide to end the pain. We will help you sort through the factors underlying your depression and bring God’s caring presence into the healing journey.  Read more

Stress and Anxiety
Sometimes anxiety reaches a point where you feel like your engine is racing with no brakes. Insomnia exhausts you when you’re unable to turn your brain off to sleep.  Worrying causes your stomach to churn.  Your heart races and your breathing is tight but the doctor says there is nothing physically wrong. These symptoms of panic attacks are incredibly scary, but counseling can give you relief. When you can’t stop thoughts that bother you, that is a type of anxiety called obsessive thoughts. Another type of anxiety is compulsive behavior where repetitive behaviors are a desperate attempt to calm yourself. Maybe perfectionism holds you hostage. Hoarding things in your house to comfort yourself might become overwhelming. Avoiding germs may rule your life.  Panic attacks can come out of nowhere or become tied to a fear of driving or fear of flying.  With all these types of anxiety you feel trapped and unable to stop what you are doing.  Let us help you find God’s freedom from stress to enjoy life again.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) often includes both anxiety and depression. It begins with a horrible event (or sometimes repeated horrible events).  Feelings of helplessness, terror, pain, and rage can be sparked by triggers which remind you of the event. In the flashbacks your body and emotions feel like you did during the trauma. To keep this from happening you might avoid certain activities or places.  Nightmares of the trauma might invade your sleep. Our therapists have specialized training to help you diminish the triggers and gain control back of your life.  We will walk with you as you wrestle with God (like Jacob and Joseph in the Old Testament) for answers to hard questions: How could God let this happen to me?  Where was He?  Can I trust Him in the future?

Anger Management
Anger is not a sin, but how we express anger can be healthy or unhealthy (sinful) according to Ephesians 4:26. Our Christian therapists can coach you on how to appropriately talk with someone you feel has treated you unfairly.  Verbal explosions, contempt or withdrawal will not help the other person hear your side.  Anger management teaches you how to share and listen in a disagreement so you both feel understood and valued.  The goal is to find a solution that enhances the relationship. Some people have anger issues because of depression, but don’t even realize they are depressed. They have a form of depression characterized by irritability instead of tearfulness or sadness.  Our counselors can assess if this is part of the problem and help you enjoy life again.

Substance abuse, pornography, gambling, overspending, and internet gaming can take over your life. You can’t stop even though it’s hurting your relationships, your work and your health.  You need the help of a therapist who understands addiction.  We’ll focus on developing practical skills for you to overcome addiction and continue into long-term sobriety. We’ll also look at underlying issues beneath the addiction so you can experience God’s healing.

Eating Disorders
Food becomes your enemy with an eating disorder. Many Christians struggle with anorexia or bulimia in secret shame. Let us help you see yourself as God sees you: beloved and beautiful.

Adoption Issues
A number of our therapists are adoptive parents themselves and understand stressors and concerns for people in various stages of adopting.  The decision to adopt involves many questions. One spouse is often more sure about moving forward than the other. The hesitant spouse may fear they might not bond with an adopted child. We can help you discuss your feelings together so that whatever your decision it will not be a wedge between you.

Families who have adopted might need counseling to assist with the adjustments of the new children and with sibling relationships if there are both adopted and biological children. If an adopted child has experienced trauma in their past they might have fears about trusting and attaching to new parents. We have child therapy specialists to help with this.

We have also counseled pregnant women who were deciding whether to raise an unexpected child or place the baby for adoption. Our goal is for the birth mother to come to a decision that is right for her, process her emotions and help her find resources to move forward in whatever she decides.

Life Transitions & Personal Coaching
Receive valuable feedback on achieving goals in your career, personal growth, and relationships.  Decisions about dating, academic time management, career choices and self care can all benefit from the wise counsel in personal coaching. How can you experience God’s best for your life?

We do not have expertise with testifying in lawsuits, workers comp, disability evaluations or custody evaluations. If you need these services, please click here for a referral to Forensic Specialists.

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