Dr. Kaye Lawrence, Psych Assistant x111

Psychological Assistant (PSB 32452) Supervised by Dr. Melinda Reinicke, Psychologist (PSY11011)

Dr. Kaye is no longer with our group as she is busy teaching Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral level psychology coursework at both San Diego Christian College and Southern California Seminary as well as Bethel Seminary. This includes supervising practicum and doctoral internship graduate students who appreciate her clinical skills and practical integration of Christianity into therapy.

She and husband Bill will also be traveling and speaking to maintain financial support for Rancho Santa Marta a residential treatment program and school for children/teens with learning disabilities in Mexico. Dr. Kaye and Bill founded the school 40 years ago and recently their daughter and son-in-law took over as directors for them.

You can reach Dr. Kaye at  drkayel@cox.net  or  619.258.1358.